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Fudgy Brownie Organic Baking Mix

Well congratulations you are moments away from the yummiest brownie ever. A few key notes to look for include a puffed flaky top that will deflate once exiting the oven. The brownie should be fully set, it should not jiggle. We don’t recommend using a toothpick to test doneness for this recipe.

Of course – every oven bakes different! While 25 minutes of bake time is recommended for most ovens, it may not be the right amount of time for your oven. Increasing the bake time by a few minutes will not drastically change the end result or taste. 

*Different pan sizes and material may also affect the bake time.

*Having other pans in the oven with the brownies can block the heat source – leading the brownies to need additional bake time.

We encourage people to follow the recipe exactly as stated. Changing any ingredient amount will alter the structure and final result of the brownies.

Yes, you can! If you prefer a thinner brownie you can spread the batter on a parchment lined sheet pan. Please lower the bake time by 10 minutes. But feel free to use any pan you have at home just be sure to adjust the time accordingly.

The longer you wait the cleaner brownie cuts you will get. If time is not on your hand, you may refrigerate or flash freeze them to speed up the setting process.

The brownies will stay fresh and fudgy in a container for 4 days.

Absolutely! In the off chance you can’t eat all of the brownies we recommend freezing them as quickly as possible to lock in the fudginess. We recommend pre-cutting your brownie so you can easily reheat as desired.

*One fun idea is to cube the leftover brownies before freezing them, for the ultimate ice cream mix-in!


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Yes, temperature can affect Kittylamb mixes. For instance, the “Fudgy Brownie Organic Baking Mix” includes real chocolate that can melt at higher temperatures. We recommend bringing your delivered package inside as soon as possible.

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