Hi We’re Kittylamb!

A certified organic baking mix company located in Portland, ME. We believe ingredients matter, which is why we choose to use the highest quality ingredient in every single category. We believe there should be no short cuts taken when it comes to food quality and your health.

We are revolutionizing the baking industry. We utilize separate pouches to help our customers actually bake from scratch, while maintaining the convenience of a traditional box mix. We formulate our recipes so that you add real ingredients like butter and milk, not hydrogenated oil.

Kittylamb is composed of two dessert loving people who decided to chase their dreams of
delivering high quality, clean, and delicious desserts to your kitchen.

We spend months developing each recipe to create the best tasting sweets you’ve ever had. We don’t settle for mediocre taste or texture. The recipes are perfected in our kitchen before they ever make it to yours.

With Love & Brownies,
Kat & Vinny